Let your dreams come true, come thy folded hands into the temple of Saraswathi.

PU education is an important stage in students life. learning is an never ending process which starts from birth till the end  is the truth known to everyone. PU education not only helps to set career even it is an important phase to enrich their culture. If parents, guardians and elders of the society take active part in this process, education will not be restricted only to an arena for scoring marks or displaying ones intelligence but a platform to build and strengthen the character of the students that would not crumble when tested in vagaries of life and  help in building strong future of our students.

Sirsi is located in the Malnad region and in order to impart quality education the visionaries established the institution and accordingly the students of our institution have made land mark in the state, country and even in the International level which is a credit to the institution and honour to the crusaders.

Our land is known for art, culture and heritage. In the present scenario only scoring marks is considered an important objective both by the parents and students community hence their focus is concentrated in this area who have literally forgotten the true essence of education. Moreover the students are quickly attracted by the colourful world where they have no time and patience to imbibe moral and social values. And our institution is making sincere efforts to ignite the inherent spark of excellence in our students that will enable them to achieve what they set out to, along with inculcating human values, grooming their character and shaping ones personality. We even wish if  parents extend their fullest support in our endeavour  then there is no doubt that our institution will witness fruitful results.

We arrange parents meet, organise motivational talks, personality development programme, career guidance, co-curricular activities, sports, remedial classes for slow learners, power classes, work shops and other aided activities which will foster students requirements, enhance life skills and build confidence to write exams and face the competitive world. In this journey our staff members who are qualified and dedicated are toiling hard to shape the destiny of the future citizens of this country.


Rajendra Hegde